{100% Off Udemy Coupon}Excellence in Excel! Create a bookkeeping tools by doing

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{100% Off Udemy Coupon}Excellence in Excel! Create a bookkeeping tools by doing

{100% Off Udemy Coupon}Excellence in Excel! Create a bookkeeping tools by doing.


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Excel can make your work more efficient. This Excel course shows you how to make practical use of the Excel formulas.

{100% Off Udemy Coupon}Excellence in Excel! Create a bookkeeping tools by doing


Excel, create by Doing! Are you looking for a useful Excel course where you truly learn something practical and create a valuable tool? This course is for you!

If you are reading this, it indicates you are interested in enhancing your Excel skills. Perhaps you are still on the edge and have some unanswered questions. Well, let me help to clarify your thoughts. The tool you learn here was at first not meant for the public market. I made this tool because I truly needed something to quickly analyze my current finances.

The strangest thing that happens and you might experience that as well. As you start to solve your problem, you quickly realize that you are not the only one with that problem. I noticed it and realize that many people would like to have a solution just like mine. However, we all need a slight variation of it. Your personal finances might be different and you would like to tweak it to your preferences  .

Out of this I got the desire to create a course, that not only give you a fixed solution, but give you access to create a foundation. A solid foundation and as you grow in knowledge you will be able to fine tune your preferences. Giving you full control in the creative process with great head start.

When you start anything new the fastest way to learn is by spoon feeding the person gradually. I notice that at the beginning going slow gives any one a level of confidence about the subject. This is what you could describe as mastery. Being able to master the subject in (baby)steps  at first gives you a positive momentum. As your confidence increase you will become bolder and willing to take bigger and bigger steps and eventually run. At that very moment you completed the topic and have mastery over it.

This course is structured as described above. A simple, practical and very steady pace course and gradually the pace will increase. The best of all this Excel course is build to explore Excel and to create something of use value.

This course will teach you how to use Excel functions and create a useful Bookkeeping tool. Many people learn Excel functions and all the possible options that you can do with Excel. The real thing is that you will probably not use 80% of the power of Excel. Excel is powerful but if you do not understand how to use it, your knowledge remains powerless. This course will show you how to use just a few functions and create in the meanwhile a very useful tool. This learning method is named CREATE BY DOING!

If you feel intimidated by Excel do not worry! The real issue is not Excel or You but by the method of learning it! Yes, the way you learn something can be successful or unsuccessful. This course uses the SPEED LEARNING methods of the learning cone. What is that? This is a method development make sure you truly remember 90% of everything you learn. How? Just by doing and following the exercises.

This course is active, and you have to do the exercises and follow along.

Why should I take this course? Your competitor has a bigger course!

I understand you point, but do you know the difference between have a toolbox and understanding to use just only 2 tools. I can teach you every tool you want that you can add all the tools in your toolbox. But would you be able to see the practical value out of it? I do not think so.

What if I give you just 2 tools, a screwdriver and a saw and teach you how to create a great piece of furniture? That would be 100% more valuable and that is what I do! I teach you to make useful tools that you can use for your personal life. By doing you create your furniture! That has a lifelong value!

There is a real difference between knowledge and power. Knowledge is only potential power, without the practical use of it, it becomes powerless. Power is the knowledge that you apply in your daily life! This course is powerful because you use the tools and put it into great use.

I never succeeded in Excel, is this course suitable for me?

Success is a path you walk. Learning Excel is exactly the same. Did you fail before; perhaps you took the wrong path. You learned from a bad teacher or a boring book. If you took the wrong path all you need is readjust your path and start walking again. This course truly is a very easy and slow paced course with much repetitions and exercises. The way to learn is by doing and by great explanations. This course has it both many times over!

Just check it and test it out for a month!

To make it even better, I offer this course as 30 day money back. This basically means that if this course is not right for you, you can get your money back in a blink of an eye. There is truly no reason not to do it and it has no risk at all.

Start taking actions right now and take this course. In life you have winners and losers. The winners take action at once and the losers keep on looking and waiting for the right time. In life there is never a right time except NOW! I truly belief you are winner because you are looking and reading this course.

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